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WUPEN(World Urban Planning Education Network)是由世界优秀规划院校组成的国际教育联合会。基于城市规划设计教育领域的持续创新,其网站WUPEN及其CBDB世界城市大数据库构成了世界城市创新规划设计教育实践的智能网站,WUPEN支持UNESCO中国工程院智能城市线上平台iCity、全球规划教育联合会GPEAN网站、英文GUIHUA杂志、全球绿色校园网站、长三角智能规划平台等网站,携手共襄智慧社会,以物质、社会和数字的三元世界交互,智慧生活更美好!

WUPEN is an international education federation composed of excellent planning institutions in the world. Based on the continuous innovation in the field of urban planning and design education, the website, WUPEN, and the world city database, CBDB, constitute the intelligent website of the world urban innovation planning and design education practice. WUPEN supports ICITY-the intelligent city online platform of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and UNESCO, GPEAN-the website of the global federation of planning and education, Guihua magazine, the global green campus website, and the Yangtze River Delta intelligent planning platform. Let's join hands to contribute to the smart society, interact with the ternary world of material, society, and digital. Let's make a smart life better!

Cooperative Institutions

Our Values

  • Ability - Cross-border Innovation


    Through the iJob module, you can quickly understand the career status of planning, design and innovation; through a series of competitions and projects, you can gradually cultivate your innovation ability in practice.
  • Personnel - Ecological Cultivation


    You have the opportunity to interact with the world-famous professors online and answer questions; You can get a comprehensive understanding of the world's famous universities in the fields of urban planning and get the latest news.
  • Lecture - Transfer Knowledge


    Through a series of selected online courses, you can comprehensively master the frontier knowledge of land and space planning, urban design, urban deduction, urban diagnosis, urban data, urban best cases and many other fields.

Join Us

Recruit 招贤纳士 In order to innovate product R&D and operation, we are committed to building an innovative team with intelligent ability. 为了创新产品研发运营,我们致力于打造具备智化能力的创新团队
Membership 入会申请 We expect the participation of outstanding scholars and colleges around the world to gather the top resources. 为了汇集顶级教学资源,我们期待世界各地的优秀学者、院校的加入。
Cooperation 赛事合作 We provide online capability support such as events and conferences to build a platform for cooperation and exchange 为了搭建合作交流平台,我们提供赛事、会议等线上能力支持。

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