My Urban Dream.

WUPEN users are all people who care about the better urban life. The professional knowledge and skills of planners and designers have always played an important role in shaping a better urban life, but in fact, the origin of design must be the true wishes and dreams of all city people. My Urban Dream provides a platform for all WUPEN users to speak out their "Urban Dreams". You can point out the problems in the city now, and you can also draw your dream urban life in the future. Users from all fields can come here to express opinions, so that planning and design practice can return to the roots, face the truth, and achive the dreams.


Plant an urban dream



Nature / 自然

Goverance / 治理

Live / 居住

Travel / 出行

Health Care / 医疗

Innovation / 创新

Industry / 产业

Infrastructure / 基础设施

Education / 教育

Commercial Life / 商业和娱乐生活