Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning

Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning is a book series published every 3-4 years in association with Routledge.
The book series brings together seminal articles from the members of the 11 planning schools associations, and provides a glimpse into the discussions and concerns regarding planning theory, practice and education in different regions of the world. So far, six books have been published:

Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning series:

  • Preparations have started for the seventh volume, edited by Andrea Frank, Chris Silver and Tomás Moreira.

Urban Planning Education

With contributions from the members of GPEAN governing council, a new book has recently came out in 2018: Urban Planning Education: Beginnings, Global Movement and Future Prospects, published by Springer. Edited by Andrea Frank and Chris Silver, the book examines planning education provision and approaches globally, through a comparative and longitudinal perspective, providing the reader with a critical exposure to relevant scholarship drawing on the detailed case studies and exploratory essays on key issues in planning education.